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Intelligent Equipment

Intelligent Equipment

Compared with traditional electrical distribution systems (EDS), the now widely used and promoted automated technology of iEDS Solutions provides customers with greater reliability and higher efficiency. By integrating modern Internet and co......

Summary of demand

        Based on the traditional distribution system, can improve the safe and reliable, intelligent and efficient technology based on intelligent power distribution equipment system solutions, providing customers with the advanced technical means of "unattended", is being widely used and the promotion, this is the computer network technology, communication technology, the result of the development of modern technology such as high-speed, promote more feasibility of the intelligent power distribution system.


 Boulder, power solutions, intelligent power distribution system based on the traditional distribution gives more intelligent elements, from the equipment state monitoring and control, precise measurement and analysis of various operation parameters of fault early warning and intervention in advance, real-time alarm and fault information judgment positioning, etc., all on the electric safety reliability, is a qualitative leap.At the same time, it is precisely because of intelligent functions, power distribution system in loss reduction and energy saving, improve power quality, improve management level, provide a solid foundation.