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Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Boer power equipment generation and remote monitoring system, the core of which is to apply computer network technology and modern communication technology to power distribution room generation business to improve the reliability and efficiency of generation maintenance, is a model of applying modern service industry concept to power distribution generation business...

Summary of demand

With the continuous breakthroughs in intelligent distribution technology, modern Internet, modern Internet of things and modern communication technologies have been applied in the power industry, and the trend of intelligent distribution is accelerating.In the field of power distribution, how to use the advanced Internet technology to centralize the monitoring of the distribution room to prevent the frequent occurrence of power accidents and disasters.


Base brougham ear 30 years rich distribution equipment research and development and manufacturing experience, combined with the boll enterprise cloud platform system, can give customers to provide value-added service solutions, users get more professional distribution equipment maintenance, to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation, at the same time boll cloud platform system can provide fault early warning, rapid positioning, combined with the boll fast recovery services provided by the professional services team, but also solved the trouble back at home of customers;Besides, big data mining and analysis of Boer cloud platform can also provide customers with scientific decision-making basis in terms of energy saving, efficiency improvement and power cost reduction.